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First-time home buyer? Need a new place to live?

Looking for good guidance and sound advice on a new property?

Whether itís understanding rentals, purchases or even short-sales and foreclosures, I can help make the process smooth and easy the whole way through. My experience, my willingness to listen to your needs and my ability to provide you with strategic information will help you make the right decisions.

I take great pride in handling your transaction from start-to-finish. And Iíve teamed up with Jessie Cuddy (www.jessiecuddy.com) on all listings to ensure you get even better service and to reduce lengthy sales times.

Iíll educate you on anything you have questions about, and Iíll even help educate you on options you may not have been aware of.

Ensure you are getting the best deal customized to your needs and wants.

Contact me today.

James Harrison - 617 784 8635